Sap Flow Monitoring

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  • Sapflow Sensor
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    Sapflow Sensor

    By UP Umweltanalytische Produkte GmbH

    Sapflow-Sensor SF-L Type M, according to Dr. Liu with 4 single-sensors, one of the heated. With 70cm PUR-cable, 6-core and 7 pin-Hirschmann-connector for elongation cables. Sensor to be connected to CCS-3 (84mA ...

  • Sap Velocity - Thermal Dissipation Probe
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    Sap Velocity - Thermal Dissipation Probe

    By Dynamax Inc

    The newest method of transpiration measurement is now available from Dynamax for large trees and plants. The Thermal Dissipation Probe (TDP) transpiration sensor measures sap velocity which is converted to volumetric ...

  • Modular Sap Flow System
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    Modular Sap Flow System

    By Environmental Measuring Systems (EMS)

    Modular Sap Flow Systemfor thin stem or branches from 6 to 20 mm, one channel module, constant dT = 2, 4 or 8 K, variable power, voltage output

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  • PlantSensors


    PlantSensors is the manufacturer of the authentic Granier`s TDP sap flow sensors and the complete sap flow measurement system. Our customers include ...

  • Dynamax Inc

    Dynamax Inc

    Our goal at Dynamax is to maintain our position and recognition as a global leader in the production and integration of plant-environmental ...

  • Environmental Measuring Systems (EMS)

    Environmental Measuring Systems (EMS)

    The sap flow measurement is based on more than 40-years experience with tissue heat balance technique. All our sap flow systems are supported with ...