Soil Fertily Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • NPK Compound Fertilizer Development and Fertilizer Plant Production

    Chemical fertilizer provides nutrients for continuous agricultural production, but single chemical fertilizer hasn't high utilization rate, limited promotion ability to crops, and a large amount of application is not conducive to crop growth. NPK compound fertilizer production has become the main trend of fertilizer. The granulation process of


  • Four risks of using fertilizer

    Fertilizers are increasingly popular because they successfully support plant growth and increase the yield. But what are the dangers of overusing fertilizers? Did you know that too much fertilization might cause “fertilizer burn”? Read ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydroponic Instruments - Handheld Meters, Monitors and Kit

    Hydroponic Instruments - Handheld Meters, Monitors and Kit

    Handheld meters measure TDS and/or pH. Monitor measures TDS. all instruments are easy to operate and calibrate. High degree of accuracy. Immediate results. Kit comes with solutions required to calibrate. temperature Compensated readings.