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In 2008, Watertronics became part of Lindsay Corporation, a Nebraska-based global manufacturer of agricultural irrigation products. Being a market leader in pump and control innovation, Watertronics was an excellent fit for Lindsay - matching water supply with water distribution… pumps with pivots. Watertronics products include not only pump stations, but advanced controls technology for high efficiency pumping that produces significant energy savings and labor savings. Today the Ag market is benefiting from advancing irrigation efficiencies, available through Lindsay’s worldwide Dealer network.

In recent years, the Ag industry has started to utilize Variable Frequency Drives, or VFD, to regulate water pressure, efficiently matching pump output to water demand. Combined with Programmable Logic Controllers, the VFD is bringing real change to the Ag market. And the result? Lower overall cost of operation.
Irrigation systems frequently include multiple irrigation heads run off singular or multiple pumps. Controlling these pumps with VFDs allows the system to run only as many irrigators as necessary at a given time – a capability that for years was not available. Wasted energy and over-irrigation has now been replaced with intelligent irrigation and precision control.