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Air filtration and gas purification solutions for post-harvest - Agriculture

In the current fruit and vegetable market, transporting and warehousing produce for long periods of time is a common practice. Ensuring that the environment in which they are stored is optimal during these periods is critical if damage and spoilage leading to loss of produce is to be avoided.

Bioconservacion, experts in air filtration, offer solutions which effectively eliminate ethylene and other VOCs in all facets of the Post-Harvest period in fruit and vegetable produce.

Maintaining fresh produce in optimal conditions lengthens the life span and quality period of the fruit and vegetables which translates into an increase in profits throughout the distribution chain:

  • Producer
  • Exporters and shipping company
  • Logistics platforms
  • Retailers
  • Consumers

Bioconservacion’s philosophy is to always offer the optimal solutions, using innovative techniques in addressing problem areas. To accomplish this we utilise an action protocol which we adapt to the specific needs of each customer and for each causal factor, ensuring that our clients benefit before, during and after the installation of the filtration system. Here’s what we deliver:

  • Air quality analysis and identification of problems to resolve
  • Study and recommendation of the best solution for each case
  • Initiation of testing to simulate the real conditions of the application
  • Personalised estimate of the medium’s life expectancy
  • Continuous evaluation and follow-up service in our laboratories
  • Design and sizing of the filtration equipment
  • Reliable logistics and post-sale service.
  • Assessment of the treatment provided by the mediums used