Maxxam Analytics

Analytical services for agriculture sector - Agriculture

Maxxam performs Eco-fate testing, drinking water testing, physio-chemical testing and other agrochemical testing for the Agriculture Industry, including.

  • Primary analysis and product chemistry of technical and end products related to pesticide formulation/deformulations according to GLP
  • Quantification and confirmation of agrochemicals on raw agricultural commodities from field crop trials according to GLP
  • GLP physico-chemical, ecotoxicological and eco-fate tests
  • Test requirements for Closed System Intermediates
  • Test parameters regarding sample purity
  • Test plans, test waivers or expert statements
  • Support for US EPA High Production Volume Chemical Program HPVC, New Substances Notification (NSN), US EPA FIFRA, PMRA and European Union (REACh) regulatory submissions
  • Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCP) in water
  • Pathogenic Bacteria in drinking water
  • Effluent Analysis

In addition, Maxxam also provides the following services to companies requiring agriculture testing:

  • Pesticide analysis in food
  • Veterinary drug analysis in food
  • Environmental contaminant analysis (PAH, PCB, OP, OC, PFC) in food
  • Food and dietary supplement nutrition labeling
  • Food additives and contaminants
  • NHP and dietary supplement analysis
  • Analytical method development