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Animal Manure Drying - Agriculture - Livestock

VulcanĀ® Systems Technology was developed to address the growing problems produced by the oldest and most natural fertilizer in the world...manure. Historically, animal manures have been handled as a solid and were either directly deposited to pastures or collected along with shelter bedding and applied to land as a crop nutrient. As the concentration of animals on farms increased, the need for more efficient methods of manure management developed.

Animal Manure Dryer

If left untreated, manure is just that...manure, while properly processed manure becomes a value added marketable commodity, also known as fertilizer.

The composition of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other nutrients makes treated manure an excellent fertilizer. The organic matter also helps to improve soil structure, aeration, water infiltration and soil moisture-holding volume.

A dry fertilizer product has many advantages over wet waste applications including less potential for run off, an increase in the number of days available for application, as well as an exponential increase in available sites for application.

With uses in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and other industries, the potential markets for revenue generation are numerous.

See why we are a leading technology provider for animal manure nutrient recovery. Rethink how you dispose, eliminate disposal costs, and produce pellet fertilizer.