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Animal Feed & Nutrition - in vitro digestibility analysis made easier with the Gas Endeavour. In vitro digestibility analysis made easier with the Gas Endeavour.

Animal feed & nutrition - in vitro analysis

If you are working in research and development on animal feed, diet formulation, nutrients or supplements for ruminants, you can rely on Bioprocess Control’s Gas Endeavour to provide accurate and precise volumetric gas production measurements for various in vitro digestibility analyses.

The close association between rumen fermentation and gas production was recognised several decades ago and has since been well studied. The gas production measurement technique has been widely used to determine organic matter digestibility, protein degradation, or to predict metabolisable energy content and feed digestion rate. Other applications include testing the use of dietary supplements in support of, for instance, greenhouse gas mitigation.

The Gas Endeavour uses Bioprocess Control´s unique and well-approved gas measuring technique that allows for studying the digestion kinetics of feedstuffs. Our testing instruments are compatible with most international and regional test protocols.

They achieve top marks for accuracy thanks to a standardisation of not only temperature and pressure variations, but also data logging, interpretation, presentation and reporting. In this way, most human errors likely to occur with manual testing methods are avoided. Overall, our testing instruments meet the highest demands for data quality in modern research and development.

With Bioprocess Control's Gas Endeavour, testing is always simple and fully automated, allowing for better time management and the optimisation of limited staff resources. The software utilised across all products allows for the easy comparing and sharing of results all over the world, with real-time access to ongoing experiments and reports generated. This gives you full control over experimental data no matter where you are.

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