Bionomic Industries Inc.

Applications and Air Pollutants Removed in the Fertilizer Industry - Agriculture

Wet Scrubbers, dry collectors, wet electrostatic precipitators and complete engineered systems for urea, MAP, DAP, TSP and AN Plant rotary dryers and coolers, reactors and ammoniation granulators, pug mills, rock acidulation, curing, storage and material handling operations to control emissions of: particulate, including phosphate rock dust, ammonium phosphate, ammonia, nitric acid, NOx, phosphoric acid, hydrogen fluoride, silicon tetrafluoride, sulfuric acid, removal. Complete systems for scrubbing and recovery/reconcentration of fluorosilicic acid up to 25% concentration.

CycloPlus™ - To recover particulate from mixers, dryers, coolers, transfer and all material handling operations.

BIONOxSOLVER™ NOx Scrubbing Solution – Specifically developed for process NOx control from ammonium nitrate production plants.

Series 5000 Packed Bed Scrubbers All acid gases including hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, hydrogen cyanide, sulfuric, sulfur dioxide, as well as ammonia, NOx emissions using BIONOxSOLVER™ NOx Scrubbing Reagent. For high concentration acid gases that generate a fine mist white haze, Bionomic offers a special coalescing mist eliminator. For scrubbing silicon tetrafluoride the Series 5500 Spray Crossflow is recommended over the Series 5000.

Series 5500 Crossflow scrubber – Fitted with Kimre™ filament packed beds to absorb and scrub out hydrofluoric and silicon tetraflouride and, concentrate fluorosilic acid up to 25% concentration in a special three stage bed design for gradual buildup of acid concentration. Units are fitted with a sprays absorption section before the filament packed beds. The Series 5500 Crossflow scrubber is located after the particulate removal venturi scrubber for acid concentration.

Series 6500 Jet Venturi – For low to moderate gas volumes, when the service calls for any of the following: particulate 1 micron and larger with or without gaseous contaminant removal, low pressure drop requirement or ability to overcome draft losses without a fan. Used as a primary scrubber.

Series 7000 Venturi Scrubber - To control particulate emissions from all processes in the sub-micron and single digit micron size range with or without gaseous contaminants. Used as a Primary scrubber.

Series 9000 Preformed Spray Scrubber – A completely open proven design scrubber with no internal mist eliminator components to eliminate fouling. Control particulate and absorb HF and other gases from dryers, mixers, curing, storage and material handling operations. The Series 9000 is also used as a polishing last stage scrubber for HF and flourosilicic acid recovery.

HEI™ WESP - Best engineered highest efficiency wet electrostatic precipitator design.  Furnishes the highest removal efficiency on particulate at the lowest energy cost to remove the smallest submicron particulate from ammonium nitrate and sulfuric acid plants