Applications of low gas flow measurement in animal feed and nutrition studies - Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment

If you are working in R&D on animal feed, diet formulation, nutrients or supplements for ruminants, you can rely on Gas Endeavour to provide accurate & precise volumetric gas production measurements for various in vitro digestibility test.

In-vitro digestibility

Feed analysis made easier

The close association between rumen fermentation and gas production was recognised several decades ago and has since been well studied. The gas production measurement technique has been widely used to determine organic matter digestibility, protein degradation, or to predict metabolisable energy content and feed digestion rate.

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Study your silage process

Measure gas production from small-scale silos to improve your insight in the silage process. An application is to study the effect of additives on the aerobic stability of silage. Effective silage preservation will also improve the forage quality on the farm and reduce greenhouse gas emission intensity. Read more soon!

Greenhouse gas emissions

Mitigate GHG emissions by improving insight in your process

Animal production is a significant source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide. Lab-scale analyses can be conducted to evaluate and study the potential of nutritional and manure practices for mitigating greenhouse gases. For instance, increasing forage digestibility will generally reduce GHG emissions from rumen fermentation (see also the application page ¨In vitro digestibility¨). The methane emissions from manure and urine can also be studied to give insight in diet formulation and greenhouse gas mitigation. Read more soon!

Animal Feed & Nutrition

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