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BacTerminator Technology for Dairy - Food and Beverage - Food

BacTerminator is a new cleantech technology for water disinfection that does not use chemicals, and which can be used in all places where water is used in a dairy.

Improvement of the water disinfection in municipal tap/well water used in production:

  • Buffer tanks with fresh water
  • Water addition in cheese production
  • Butter

Improvement/treatment of used process water for reuse in the dairy that needs to be disinfected:

  • Cheese cooling water
  • Cheese brine
  • Cheese whey RO permeate – 3 month field test at Arla dairy
  • Cheese whey RO permeate – in daily operation
  • RO/UF permeate from egg white
  • Milk powder & evaporation
  • CIP cleaning – final rinse
  • Ice water storage
  • Pump seal water

Buffer Tanks

Buffer tanks with fresh water that needs continual disinfection.
Public/municipal tap water or water from own well: water is often stored in 20-100 m³ buffer tanks resulting in growth of microorganisms. Some bacteria have a reproduction time of an hour (depending on species, temperature and growth media), so even a small number can multiply to millions in a short time.

Cheese brine

Increased awareness of the microbiological quality of cheese brine; special focus on yeast and mould in connection with cheeses without rind, which are more susceptible to unwanted microorganisms. Yeast in particular may give an “off-taste” in the finished cheese.

With BacTerminator® to disinfect/recirculate the brine together with a filtering solution, we offer you:

  • A crystal clear brine
  • A brine with a guarantee of no bacteriophages
  • A brine with a guarantee of < 10 CFU/100 ml of mould
  • A brine with a guarantee of < 10 CFU/100 ml of yeast
  • A brine with guarantee of < 10 CFU/100 ml of E. coli
  • A brine with guarantee of < 10 CFU/100 ml of coliform bacteria
  • A brine with guarantee of < 10 CFU/ml of Total Viable Count bacteria at 220C and 370
Water addition in cheese production where water disinfection is necessary

At the process stage, “water addition” in the cheese vat, where 10-15% fresh water (public/municipal, own well, tap water) is added. Cottage cheese produced in Denmark is made with water that has been disinfected in the BacTerminator® system, regardless of the water being municipal tap or well water.

This has increased the shelf life and improved product quality; no growth in microorganisms towards the end of the 21 day shelf life.

  • Savings on the previous pasteurisation of water ( ~ 30 euro cents/m3)
  • Savings on water usage because water can be reused for 1-4 days before releasing to drain
Improved reduction of bacteria: BacTerminator® >99 % (~ 3 euro cents /m3)
High pasteurisation 98-99%
Low pasteurisation 97-98%