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BESTMIX and MILAS Software for Feed Industry - Food and Beverage

Adifo supports feed mills in formulating recipes at best quality and lowest cost, giving the best ration advice to customers and managing their logistics and financials in the most efficient way.

Deliver the best quality at lowest cost

Creating the best quality and lowest cost recipes is a major challenge for nutritionists around the world. Flexibility is required in order for you to efficiently respond to volatile material costs and quality. Formulation software, such as BESTMIX Feed Formulation, allows you to formulate your products with the most detailed set of quality constraints, including nutritional requirements (such as energy, digestible amino acids, fatty acids), technical product specifications (texture, colour, density etc.) and other production constraints (evaporation, process losses). Not only the right formulation software is important but also the integration with Quality Control. A powerful Quality Control system – such as BESTMIX Quality Control - offers a platform that captures quality information on raw materials and transforms them into value for the formulation department. Integrating feed formulation and quality control software gives more flexibility and accuracy to really deliver the quality that was expected.

Take the right purchase decisions

React fast and effectively to changes in your ingredients’ availability and prices. Purchasing decisions become more reliable when you evaluate your purchasing contracts using up-to-date information. Therefore, the multiblend functionality in BESTMIX Feed Formulation is there to assist you in this critical process. It enables you to evaluate every specific stock quantity, to break down costs to ingredient level, to calculate handling and transport costs, to assess specific quality and to assist you in correctly analysing which raw materials you should buy, when to buy, which production location to assign them to and at which optimal price to buy. You can evaluate the impact of your purchase decisions at any time. By simulating alternative ingredients in a separate environment, you can define your purchase strategy without changing the current production recipes.

Gain customers by giving expert advice

Is it your job to improve the production efficiency of your customers? Translate topnotch knowledge into tailor-made customer advice with BESTMIX Formulation as a Service. Use this cloud based tool to determine perfectly balanced rations at the lowest cost for each individual animal type in all its production stages (weight gain at a certain body weight, milk production in a certain lactation period, etc.). Adifo’s BESTMIX Formulation as a Service enables you to combine feed formulation and raton calculation in a unique ‘MultiAnimalType – MultiModel – MultiUser” concept. Use an industry-standard model (like CNCPS, NRC, Feed into Milk...), or create your own model and switch between the different models for each client or project. Inform your customers and co-workers quickly and secure via the cloud.

Make your workflows efficient

Streamline your purchase, warehouse, sales and invoice processes with MILAS. Rely on an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that meets the demands of the animal feed sector and assists you in making better decisions with fewer risks. MILAS offers feed “best practice” workflows and feed specific functionality. Rely on MILAS for contract management, sales and purchase pricing, logistic support, procurement management, animal and livestock management, feed manufacturing and feed safety, commodity trade and risk management, E-commerce and integration with third party software such as quality control software, formulation software production software.

  • ave Time – By fluent integrations and powerful multiblend functonalities that allocate the raw materials at the right time to the right place and at the right price
  • Protect your IP – Benefit from a central server application which is only accessible to authorised users
  • Boost profits with advanced optimisation techniques  -  Apply enzyme functionality, integer contraints and moisture control and optimize their effects on individual recipes or ingredients to maximize profits
  • Controlled generation of labels and tags – Labels and tags are generated in a controlled way for each new product version based on customizable templates.
  • Increase team efficiency – Let your business grow by allowing users to collaborately access all necessary information
  • Stay compliant – Through regular solution updates and built-in best practices you canbe sure that your business is and remains compliant
  • Take the right purchase decision – React quickly and effectively to changes in your ingredients’ availability and prices

Want least cost feed formulation, no matter how challenging the requirements? Get BESTMIX Feed Formulation. The smartest way to beat the competition.