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BESTMIX and MILAS Software for Premix Industry - Agriculture - Livestock

Adifo has created several BESTMIX modules and functionalities that streamline the organisation of premix producers, like multilevel optimization, labeling and safety data sheets management.

  • Update premix ingredients based upon finished products, both for nutritional values and prices.
  • Define an inclusion rate for premixes and optimize with nutrient constraints at premix or end product level
  • Define and declare the carrier for the premix
  • Print the product specification with the premix-based or end product-based nutrient values.

“from premix over concentrate all the way to the complete feed”

Whether you want to formulate a trace mineral/vitamin premix, or a standard or custom concentrate, or sub recipes to formulate petfood diets, BESTMIX Feed Formulation and BESTMIX Formulation as a Service offer a wide range of tools to accomplish your goals in a multilevel formulation environment.

On the micro premix level, you want to ensure an added amount of vitamin and trace mineral nutrients. In BESTMIX Feed Formulation you can set the inclusion level, and formulate your diet directly on the premix level or to the end product taking into account the premix inclusion level. After designing the premix, save it as an ingredient and make it available in BESTMIX Feed Formulation for other formulations or send it to BESTMIX Formulation as a Service to be used by the sales staff in the field for customer-specific formulations.

Let’s go up one step and talk about concentrates. Using multi level formulation there is nothing more powerful than what Adifo has to offer.

  • Make a concentrate starting from a Dairy TMR with BESTMIX Formulation as a Service
  • Include a standard subrecipe or adjust it to customize inclusions based on animal characteristics by simply adding it to any type of formulation.
  • Design your concentrate taking into account farm own ingredients
  • Use tools to work with very wet ingredients (like liquid feeding for swine)
  • Multilevel compounds are used to optimize a main compound with included sub compounds at multiple levels. They are especially useful for custom-made or standard concentrate calculations used by petfood companies.
  • Define carriers to let the formulation float correctly

“ on the fly updates of Tags, Labels and Safety Data Sheets”

It can be a challenge to have to keep a company’s documentation up to date.With Bestmix Formulation software, we fully integrate document updates and generation with day to day formulation.

Anytime a premix or concentrate gets updated, Bestmix Formulation uses its tag or label rules engine to generate the required legal information, just the way you want it to appear on the tag.

Next to tags, also safety data sheets need to be handed out to your customers. In order to make sure that you are constantly up to date with the current legislation, Adifo has entered an exclusive partnership with LISAM, a leading provider of software and service solutions for Environment, Health and Safety compliance.

This partnership provides an integrated solution with Bestmix Feed. Thanks to this integrated solution, companies will have full compliance insight during formulation and will supply professional labelling of hazardous materials and MSDS authoring.

Gain customers by giving expert advice

Is it your job to improve the production efficiency of your customers? Translate top-notch knowledge into tailor-made customer advice with BESTMIX Formulation as a Service. Use this cloud based tool to determine perfectly balanced rations at the lowest cost for each individual animal type in all its production stages (weight gain at a certain body weight, milk production in a certain lactation period, etc.). Adifo’s BESTMIX Formulation as a Service enables you to combine feed formulation and ration calculation in a unique ‘MultiAnimalType – MultiModel – MultiUser” concept. Use an industry-standard model (like CNCPS, NRC, Feed into Milk...), or create your own model and switch between the different models for each client or project. Inform your customers and co-workers quickly and secure via the cloud

The planning of material flows has a huge impact on the supply chain of agricultural chemicals. A comprehensive ERP solution is necessary to optimize the intake, flow and quality control of individual ingredients. MILAS efficiently supports all those processes. Whether it comes to demand and capacity synchronization or the quality assurance and traceability of raw materials, MILAS handles all of those and more. MILAS will guarantee the timely inflow and transfer of materials, the proper handling of quality control and the tracking/tracing of both ingredients and products. The solution further covers finance, purchasing, sales, production, planning up to WMS functionality and with bidirectional interfaces with the MES plant software.

  • Save Time – Through fluent integrations and powerful functionalities that allocate the raw materials at the right time to the right place and at the right price
  • Boost profits with advanced optimisation techniques  -  Apply enzyme functionality, integer constraints and optimize their effects on individual recipes or ingredients to maximize profits
  • Efficient raw material planning - By using MILAS’ Material Resource Planning (MRP), you avoid production interruption caused by unavailable raw materials and unnecessary raw material stock intake.
  • Increase sales through improved workflow – Rely on MILAS to improve the communication with customers via storage of relevant client data and speeding up the order entry process