Do you manufacture wooden houses from natural logs or glue-laminated logs? - Forestry & Wood

One way to create sustainable housing is to build log homes from wood. Wood is a natural building material, it provides healthy indoor air, and it also has a low carbon footprint. Log houses are durable and they have good insulation properties, which makes them ideal for northern weather conditions. They are quick to build and the components can be transported easily. Log buildings are also especially resilient in earthquake areas. Finnish industrial log house manufacturers are well-known for their high-quality products and Makron constantly develops its technologies in close collaboration with them. We deliver complete manufacturing lines and software for log house production.

The log house manufacturing process starts in healthy forests where solid, straight trees are cut and harvested. From here the timber is transported to a sawmill where the log handling process starts. The timber is cleaned and debarked and then transported to a log house factory. With Makron laminated log production technologies you can make the size of logs you need. For planing and machining, Makron offers planer lines and machining lines with various machining options to meet your specific demands. Our fully automated packing technology sorts and packs completed logs into the correct packages in the right order, all ready to transport to the building site. Our BIM+MES software covers the whole process from production to packing. We have also developed an application that helps you complete your log house construction, and saves time and resources.

We deliver complete manufacturing lines and software for log house production. Read more on our website.