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Electronic pressure measurement devices for plant and machine engineering - Manufacturing, Other

Plant and mechanical engineering is a global industry involving complex applications. This demands flexibility, quality, reliability and customer focus. Given the wide range of possible applications, there is a need for various pressure ranges, appropriate accuracies, suitable electrical and mechanical connections and output signals agreed in consultation with the customer.

BD|SENSORS will in future offer the DMP 339, an electronic pressure transmitter for use in plant and mechanical engineering. Highly efficient and reliable, it is particularly suitable for use in conveyor and metering systems.

The G ¼' front flush diaphragm is what makes this device so unique. By including this feature, BD|SENSORS responded to market demands.       

For applications in environments where there is a risk of explosions, many of BD|SENSORS' pressure transmitters are available in explosion-proof versions.

  • hydraulics
  • pneumatics
  • process monitoring and  process engineering
  • control systems
  • tool construction / presses / injection moulding machines
  • power supply and distribution