Azzuro, Inc.

Azzuro, Inc.

Emission control solutions for Agro / Food industry - Agriculture

Where there are people, there is a demand for food and agricultural products. Most people do not realize that the manufacturing and processing plants not only do their best to produce the best possible quality, but also do their best in trying to minimize (odor) nuisance to the environment

Modern food production is complex and is always looking for ways to increase efficiency and decrease production cost. The wastewater streams that need treatment are often complex as well.

The agro and food industry have found a reliable partner in Azzuro. Our systems can be found in onion and seed processing plants, canning fruits and vegetables plants, fruit juice, dairy and potato products plants and in some of the world’s most renowned breweries.

Azzuro’s unique bacteria, together with the PLC-based control system and the possibility for remote monitoring, affords performance levels and life spans that exceed traditional treatment systems by far.

Our system design features a modular build-up capability, making the need for an increased production capacity easy and efficient.