Sistema Azud, S.A.

Sistema Azud, S.A.


Filtration solutions in collective irrigation communities - Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation

The organization model of irrigation at the same level of the basin is considered one of the best ways to use efficiently the available water and the management of this resource. One of the most successful examples of this kind of Management is the Watering Communities. These communities are consortium of farmers in charge of the organization of the use of public, surface and subsurface water.

  1. Management, distribution and administration of the available water with the maximum efficiency and equity.
  2. Collective management of goods or common media; water, hydraulic storage works, condition and distribution and easement from the building works done.
  3. Implementation of the necessary infrastructure (main network, filtration systems, water counters….) to increase the efficient use of water. 
  4. Contributes to reach and spread the use more efficient irrigation systems (localised irrigation).
  5. Training and information. Adequate guidance to the correct installation of the irrigation (frequency and time) and maintenance labours (season, type, frequency and intensity of maintenance labours).

The contribution of the Watering communities in the “efficient use and management of the water” is translated in a lower environmental impact of irrigation and a higher economic output of the agricultural sector.