TracMap NZ Ltd.

GPS Display Unit Firmware Software for Vineyard Management - Agriculture

The TracMap system is an in-cab GPS display unit and a cloud based job management system called TracMap Online. Using TracMap Online, you can draw maps of the areas you want treated, mark out hazards and input job details. You can then wirelessly send the job to the TracMap in-cab GPS unit that guides your driver to the exact area for job completion.

Achieve operational accuracy

The TracMap system gives you the ability to monitor the movement of staff and machinery across vineyard sites and regions. You can analyze spraying accuracy and harvesting activity, and use this information to improve your operation.

The data to grow your business

Our customers use the data collected by TracMap Online to determine where operational improvements can be made and best practices for increasing yield. They also manage multiple jobs at once, which gives them the ability to quickly increase the scale of their operation.