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High-quality microalgae solutions for the aquaculture industry - Agriculture - Aquaculture

Microalgae are used to feed zooplacton which is serve as feed for fish larvae and fry. Microalgae are the base of the food chain in aquaculture, therefore Monzón Biotech invest all its energy to elaborate a product with the following characteristics: Nutritional high profile: rich in omega 3, proteins and vitamins. Periodic microbiological control, biosecurity is our target. Excellent suspension and dissolution. Easy to use: Packaging thought for hatcheries utilization. Shelf life improved, longer period. Great results in Green water techniques.

Supplied as

  • Freeze dried powder
  • Refrigerated paste
  • Frozen paste


Use is recommended for:

  • Reach high rotifers density
  • Provides a better nutritional profile that impacts on larvae health.
  • Carry out green water technique due to its good dissolution
  • Formulations for animal feed with high nutritional value
  • Food for filter feeders