Oil-Dri Corporation of America.

High-quality sorbent products for the crop & horticulture sector - Agriculture

Our technology provides formulators with a range of functional granules and powders that enhance the performance of agricultural products. We work closely with our customers to provide customized mineral-based solutions and formulation support for their production needs.

Our carrier products have been a trusted part of our customers’ formulations for over 50 years. Crops and plants growing throughout the world are enhanced by Oil-Dri’s granular and powder carriers, delivering biological and synthetic pesticides and beneficial nutrients for agricultural purposes. Our fine powder carriers can also provide a protective coating for seeds that delivers nutrients and formulations which defend against disease and predators.

Oil-Dri’s drying agents offer increased flowability by preventing both bridging and clumping during formulation. Our products keep production moving smoothly by offering rapid absorption, high liquid-hold capacity, and efficient moisture retention.

Our growing media products enhance crops and foster horticultural health. These agricultural supplements decrease leaching, promote root growth, eliminate soil compaction, increase aeration and drainage, and improve both moisture and nutrient retention.