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HVLS Fan for Agriculture - Agriculture

If your are raising livestock, you must have meet some problems, such as moisture, pathogens, heat and smelly gases. So proper ventilation is a serious business. In order to protect the health of those who work with the animals and their own safety, it is quite necessary to remove these unhealthy substance regularly and efficiently from the space.

Our traditional industrial fans are quite suitable for agricultural spaces. The traditional HVLS industrial fans are capable of moving up to 13500 m³/min and lower the temperature of the animals. If this used in cattle farm, it would help increase milk production because animals could feel comfortable. Therefore, good air quality and proper ventilation are essential for high-quality farm products and healthy livestock.

Factors for selecting livestock HVLS fans:

  • Bad environment will lead to animals feeling stressful, which would affect animals’ productive capacity, as the growth of mold and the irritation of respiratory.
  • The poor growths rates, aggressive or self-destructive behavior, illness,  and even death can be arisen by noise, drafts and sudden environmental changes.
  • The cost of air conditioner for agriculture is too high.

Reasons for choosing Traditional HVLS Industrial farmhouse ceiling Fans:

  • Large coverage area: The max scope of action of one HVLS industrial fan can reach up to 1800 Sqm.
  • Soft airflow and quiet operation: The traditional HVLS ceiling fans move large volumes of air slowly without harsh breezes, which could avoid disturbing animals and stirring up dust.
  • Cooling application: Our HVLS fans could help keep animals and people fell comfortable all year round.
  • Energy efficient: The power consumption of HVLS fans are extremely lower than air conditioner.

Our Gaxiao traditional HVLS industrial fans become great agricultural ceiling fans as they are not only circulate air, but also mix and distribute it more efficiently. What’s more, comparing with air conditioner, our high-volume low-speed fans reduce or eliminate air stratification. Our HVLS fans are a cost-efficient, energy-saving choice for cooling your agricultural places!