Inciner8 Limited

Incinerator solutions for the abattoir / slaughterhouse waste sector - Waste and Recycling

Abattoir & Slaughterhouse waste is a potential incubator of bacterial, viral, prion and parasitic pathogens, capable of infecting both animals and humans. A quick, cost effective and safe disposal method is essential in order to reduce the risk of disease following animal slaughter.

INCINER8 animal waste incinerators are perfect solution for abattoir / slaughterhouse applications, not only for waste disposal, but for waste to energy conversion, providing a free source of hot water much needed in slaughterhouse process.

Typical waste generated from abattoirs and slaughterhouses is usually considered as a bio-security risk - and must be disposed of quickly and thoroughly. Our abattoir incinerators can easily handle a wide range of by-products such as offal, hair, bone, fat, blood and carcasses All of which are safe to incinerate (see 'What you can/cannot incinerate?').

With ever growing fees for the collection of animal by-products, bringing this process in-house has never been more commercially attractive.

  • Save Money year on year - No more rendering or fallen stock fees
  • No risk of contamination - Trucks with potentially dangerous waste are not entering the site
  • No need for storage - Waste is incinerated daily
  • Total control of process - no reliance on external companies
  • Renewable energy available - Energy recycling using Inciner8’s unique heat recovery system.