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Investment services for chemicals industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

The Chemicals Practice provides leadership for clients on corporate and business-unit strategy, organization, post-merger management (PMM), growth, innovation, industry structure and performance management, and all aspects of operational improvement.

About this practice

In the past five years, McHewel's Chemicals Practice has conducted more than 900 engagements in the chemical industry, serving the global leaders as well as midsized companies and start-ups and supporting allied industries, such as cement and fertilizers.

Our experience, size, and global reach make us well equipped to help our clients deploy complex, transformational programs that fundamentally shape the course of a company. McHewel 's Chemicals Practice sustains a global network of chemical experts and practitioners—around 200 firm members are involved in client projects at any one time. We also invest heavily in knowledge to develop state-of-the-art insights that help our clients operate more successfully.

In terms of industry segments, our experience spans petrochemicals and basic inorganic chemicals such as olefins, aromatics, and chlor-alkali; polymers such as thermoplastics, elastomers, and synthetic fibers; cement; agricultural inputs such as crop protection, fertilizers, and seeds; specialty and formulated chemicals such as pharmaceutical and food ingredients, electronic chemicals, water-treatment chemicals, and adhesives and sealants; and advanced materials such as composites and ceramics.

Operations Improvement

Implement programs to improve skills in core production, supply chain, and purchasing functions; identify and capture profit-improvement potential within the supply chain by streamlining operations, optimizing the manufacturing logistics network, reducing the complexity of raw-materials sourcing, and strengthening the value-added role of purchasing.

Organizational Design

We work with clients across a range of organizational opportunities and challenges. Organizational structure and performance ethic: We help improve performance through alignment of clients' organizational structure, core processes, and cultural performance ethic with its strategy, capability, and skill requirements.

Mergers, acquisitions, alliances, and corporate finance: We increase shareholder value through reconfiguration of corporate boundaries and industry structure; negotiate strategic mergers, acquisitions, and alliances; reposition assets; and realign corporate financial structure.
Post-merger management facilitation: We design and help execute the acquisition/integration process to allow a smooth ownership transition without disruption of manufacturing. Support includes the cultural and structural integration of merger partners, as well as capture of revenue and cost synergies.

Profitable Growth

Our work with clients falls into the following areas:

Business unit and corporate growth strategy: We identify growth opportunities, select arenas in which to participate, and determine execution plans that build sustainable competitive advantage in targeted arenas.

New business building: We design corporate growth programs; develop and screen new business concepts; cultivate B2B models; and incubate, launch, and grow new chemical, material, and service ventures.

Innovation: We establish innovation strategy; commercialize and launch new products; manage external networks; develop and implement idea generation and validation processes; benchmark innovation performance; and set up successful R&D organization.

Marketing and sales (M&S): We help clients achieve world-class M&S management along various levers: pricing and contract management; differentiated customer interaction models; value marketing and selling; sales force, channel, and key- account management; capturing alliance or post-merger benefits through reconfiguration and alignment of logistics; management of customer and product portfolio; and M&S capability benchmarking.


We evaluate portfolio restructuring options and formulate a unique direction that increases asset utilization and leverages business and product portfolios. We use growth and financial-restructuring levers to help improve stagnant stock prices.