Irrigation reservoir water treatment

The LG Sonic technology provides a solution to control algae growth in water reservoirs without maintenance or chemicals so clogging of pumps, filters and sprinklers is being reduced.

Control algae

Algae growth in water reservoirs can be controlled without chemicals or labor with the LG Sonic technology. The sound signals produced by the LG Sonic technology is so strong that it can even control algae in reservoirs with a low retention time.

Prevent clogging of filters

It is mostly algae that clog filters, drip installations and nozzles. Prevent frequent maintenance to your system due to algal growth with the LG Sonic technology.

Also effective in tanks with a low retention time

LG Sonic uses the Dc-Mf technologyTM which enables the devices to affect several different algal species within a second. Therefore the LG Sonic technology works fast and efficient enough to be applied in tanks with a low retention time.

No maintenance

The LG Sonic devices are almost maintenance free. LG Sonic makes Irrigation water treatment easier

Easy to install

Placement of the LG Sonic devices involves only placing the device in the water and turning it on. Read more about LG Sonic installation.

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