CST Industries Inc

Liquid and dry process silos for hydrofracking industry - Agriculture

CST provides liquid and dry process silos and tanks for critical frac processes.

CST is on the leading edge with solutions for the frac sand and frac water markets.

The frac industry is exploding and that means every Jonny Come Lately company is starting to pop out of the woodwork touting their inferior goods and their thin history in the market. Not CST. CST has been supporting the frac market with quality solutions long before it became 'vogue'.

Now the lessons we learned and the investments in products and coatings that we have made have created the standard by which all other tank companies are being measured against and most are coming up short. CST’s continuous improvement philosophy will not permit us to be complacent about the investment we have already made, so we continue to lead the market as leading companies are expected to do.