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Liquification and odour control of manure for Agriculture sector - Agriculture

Agricultural applications range from liquification and odour control of manure to enhancement of depleted agricultural fields.

BIOSTABLE Liquid Bioactivator for Pig & Poultry breeding Stables: A natural product to be sprayed over the floors of the stable where the animals live. The ingredients of BioStable activate naturally occurring microbes to degrade animal droppings and reduce ammonia emissions. Reduces odour and improves overall health of the animals resulting in less mortality, lower medicine costs and heavier animals.

MICROCAT-AG Agricultural Bioformula for Soils: Restores overworked, chemical impacted soils.

MICROCAT-ANL Odour Control Bioformula: Phototrophic (light activated) microbes, in liquid form, for control of sulfur-based odour causing compounds. Also degrades organics under anaerobic conditions.

MICROCAT-CC Compost accelerator/stabilization Bioformula: Microbial formulation for enhancing and stabilizing composting of vegetal waste forms.

MICROCAT-DL Deodorizer/Liquefier Bioformula: Specialized microbes and enzymes for deodorization/liquification of animal wastes.

MICROCAT-ST Septic Tank Bioformula: All-natural blend of neutralizers, deodorizers and activators for cleaning and deodorizing fixtures and septic tank systems.

MICROCAT-XNL/XNC Ammonia Oxidizing Bioformula: Nitrification (conversion of ammonia to nitrate) in all biological systems. (XNC is a refrigerated concentrate.)