Measurement of oil and water in seeds for agriculture sector - Agriculture - Crop Cultivation

The breeding, cultivation and processing of seeds to obtain vegetable oil is a major global industry. The amount of oil in seeds and water in seeds are critical parameters which need to be understood at all stages of the industry from plant breeding through commercial agriculture to milling and processing. Oils derived in this manner are used in foodstuffs, the manufacture of biofuels and as a chemical feedstock for many products. Our Benchtop NMR Analyser - MQC instrument provides an extremely fast, simple-to-operate answer to the question “how much oil and water is present in my seeds?`

This test complies with:

  • ISO-10565:1998 for oil in seeds and water in seeds
  • ISO-10632:2000 for oil in seed residue and water in seed residue

Two versions of the MQC are available for this application:

  • MQC23 is for single seeds and small seed volumes up to 14ml
  • MQC5 is for large seed samples up to a volume of 80ml