Measuring Ion Concentrations in Hydroponics Samples - Agriculture - Horticulture

Required Apparatus:

  • Aptisens Digital or Mobile Multiple Ion Kit

Required chemicals:

  • Aptisens multiple ion conditioning solution
  • Aptisens multiple ion HORTICULTURE calibration solutions
  • Deionised water

Sample Preparation:
Typically, it is not a requirement to filter a hydroponics sample.

Before use the multiple ion probe must be conditioned in Aptisens multiple ion conditioning solution. Ensure the correct calibration solutions for a three-point calibration are set up on the Mobile meter or MeterLink. Follow the instructions for calibration and proceed to take a sample reading when the calibration data is ‘very good’ or ‘good’ for all ions.

Sample Reading:
Place the probe in the aqueous extract and ‘Take a Sample’ reading. The concentrations for each ion will be displayed in ppm or mmol / L.

Probe Care:
After taking your reading be sure to remove the sensors from the solution as quickly as possible, rinse with deionised water and replace the cap of the probe.