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Membrane Equipment and Process-development Services for Food and Beverage Industry - Food and Beverage

Membrane Specialists Products and Technologies; In the food and beverage industry, Membrane Specialists products and technologies improve clarification and concentration and preserve color so that producers of fruit juices, vegetable juices and wine can offer higher value products while maximizing usable yields.

Applications include:
  • Apple juice clarification
  • Fruit juice, wine and beer clarification and concentration
  • Sweetener and sugar clarification and concentration
  • Flavor and fragrance concentration
  • Whey protein concentrate production
  • Preconcentration of milk for soft cheese and yogurt manufacture
  • Yeast purification
  • Evaporator condensate recovery
  • Recovery of beer and cider tank bottoms

Concentration and Separation

Crossflow membrane filtration is a mature technology, regularly employed as a standard technique for liquid processing to effect clarification, product isolation, by-product recovery, concentration and separation in a large number of food and beverage industries.