Metals separation equipments for cleaning metal pollutants for wood industry - Forestry & Wood - Wood Recycling

REGULATOR-CETRISA, as manufacturer of metals separation equipment, offers different solutions for cleaning metal pollutants from wood.

After wood crushing, a Permanent Magnetic Overbelt (R-OMP) or an Electromagnetic Overbelt (R-SKM) will be placed. This machine, at this stage, is capable to separate screws, nails and nuts which are not attached to the wood.

In the wood fraction (chips), metals attached to wood pieces can be found; overbelt has not been capable of taking them out. Other metals (like aluminium, bronze, brass, etc.) are also present in the stream.

For separation of ferrous metals embedded into the wood or for very slightly ferrous metals, similar to stainless steel, we advise to install the High Intensity Separator (R-INOX). The output drum is a magnetic roller made up of Neodymium‐Ferrous‐Boron (NdFeB) magnets, in studied configurations, which are the magnets that provide the most energy on the market. So, this equipment is also capable of separating small iron material and pieces of wood with embedded metals (like nails or screws) that other equipment, such as an overbelt, has not been able to attract and separate.

At this point we have wood (pieces, chips, sticks…) without ferrous metals. We have to take non-ferrous metals out. An Eddy Current Separator (R-SPM) will be used.

When a Non-Ferrous Metal crosses the induced magnetic field, it undergoes a repulsion effect and jumps a certain distance ahead of the Foucault drum and away from the wood.

At this moment, we have clean wood.