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Microbial formulations for agriculture sector - Agriculture

Safe, natural MICROCAT microbial formulations from Bioscience, Inc., can help farms, vineyards and plantations more effectively utilize composting techniques, leading to increased yields with significantly reduced or eliminated need for chemical fertilization. Made of a unique combination of specialized, naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients, MICROCAT products accelerate, stabilize and deodorize the composting of animal waste, wastewater sludge, coffee pulp and more.

MICROCAT microbial products for agriculture can inexpensively:

  • Break down and reduce animal waste
  • Accelerate, stabilize and deodorize composting processes
  • Biodegrade water-soluble materials into more useful matter
  • Reduce odors from animal waste and composting operations
  • Enhance the composting of secondary sludge into beneficial nutrients
  • Limit exposure to environmental liability
  • Improve the fertilizer value of organic farm residues