Misting and fogging system for agricultural - Agriculture - Livestock

A mist system for breeding farms. Misting and fogging system for livestock fight effectively against the high heat for humans but also for animals. Agricultural fog system bring comfort to livestock, limits animal stress, reduces mortality and increases yield, also thanks to dosing pumps the system can inject specific products for disinfection, deodorization, and disinsection.

An effective and economical solution

Thanks to the high pressure fog system, the mist will be spread throughout the livestock building, this action will reduce the temperature in a consistent way providing a better living condition for poultry, dairy cows, ducks, horses, pigs … and all this in using a low quantity of water and electricity consumption.

Misting system are used to reduce residual dust, which considerably improves the livestock’s comfort. Fogging system are also installed in milk rooms to increase the comfort of animals by expeling flies