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Natural zeolite for water treatment,fertilizer,feed addtive,agriculture Building - Mining

Introduction of Zeolite 1. As a kind of multifunctional, efficient and economical wastewater treatment materials, zeolite is easy to modify and has no toxic and side effects on the environment. 2. It has the characteristics of good thermal stability, short adsorption equilibrium time, low ion residue, wide acidity adaptability and recyclable use. 3. It is especially suitable for the treatment of low concentration wastewater . 4. Therefore, zeolite is becoming more and more popular among environmental workers. 5. Zeolite has become one of the main research directions of new wastewater treatment methods, and it has a very broad application prospects.

Zeolite  granule
0.3-1.3mm 1-3mm 3-5mm 4-8mm 8-16mm10-20mm

Zeolite   powder

80-100   mesh  200 mesh 250mesh  300mesh325mesh

1.Natural zeolite for industry

A.Radioactive Cleanup 

B. Nuclear pollution

C. Wastewater & Sewage Treatment

2. Zeolite For Agriculture

A. CAFOs: Environmental Solution,  Addressing the Ammonia Problem,  Agricultural Soil Amendments

B. Animal Health & Hygiene

C. Poultry

3. Natural Zeolite For Aquaculture

A. Fish pond

B. Zeolites and Bacterial Activity 

4. Natural Zeolite For Water Treatment

A. Inexpensive & Easy Wastewater Treatment

B. Removing Ammonia

5. Natural Zeolite For Air & Gas Treatment

6. Natural Zeolite For Soil & Turf

A. Zeolites for Better Plant Growth

B. Increased Cation Exchange Capacity