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Control Composting Odors, Naturally: Municipal sludge is often composted in indoor facilities or composting sheds. These areas create significant odor control challenges. Ecosorb products, either evaporated or atomized in concentrate form with nozzles or humidifying fans, control industrial odors even in very large composting facilities.

Ecosorb additive is also available in a special spray gel formulation, which topically caps material blocking odors from escaping into the atmosphere. It’s an ideal solution for compost applications where traditional systems are not the preferred solution.

As with most odors, composting emissions are intensified by agitation. As compost rows are turned or solid waste is offloaded, the malodor dramatically increases. Ecosorb products can be used to control malodors, either in a localized area or to surround a large area such as a landfill or composting shed. Commercial dispersion systems can also be added to facility hardware to control odors as they are released by machinery such as graders and tillers.

Ecosorb odor control products are also effective at eliminating the nitrogenous compound odors commonly emitted from composting facilities.