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Process cooling and industrial comfort applications solutions for agriculture and farming industry - Agriculture

The use of Refrigeration and Temperature control systems in AGRICULTURAL and FARMING applications is fundamental to preserve the freshness of the materials across the entire food supply chain, but also for their processing, during sorting, processing, packaging, and storage.

Agricultural producers use several different refrigeration systems to extend the shelf life of perishable materials. Cooling not only reduces the potential for spoiling due to bacterial growth but also reduces humidity levels for some products.

Very often, fruit and vegetable products must be cooled quickly after harvest; removal of field heat is important to maintaining produce quality and shelf life.

Fruit and vegetable farm refrigeration systems are operated most intensively during the warmest months of the year, often when electrical costs are at their highest levels, for this reason, it is important to develop customized systems, able to optimize performance and reduce consumption, while respecting the environment.

Dairy farmers also rely heavily on refrigeration equipment, but on a daily rather than seasonal basis. Dairy farming is one of the most energy-intensive agricultural operations, using electrical power to refrigerate milk.

Improving energy efficiency of refrigeration systems can therefore lead to significant savings. This can be accomplished by utilizing energy-efficient compressors, heat exchangers, and refrigerants.

HITEMA offer a range of farm cooling solutions with high efficiency and high reliability for the following applications:

  • Fruit and vegetable cooling and storage systems
  • Fruit and vegetable washing water systems
  • Egg incubation and hatching
  • Plant growing
  • Flower container water
  • Fish farming
  • Milk cooling and storage systems