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Wineries use refrigeration for a wide variety of purposes. In particular temperature control is a critical parameter of quality in wine production and surprisingly, cooling units make up the bulk of energy consumption and costs in wineries (about 50-70% of total electricity usage).

Cooled wine storage dates back centuries to underground caves in Europe. Certain caves provided ideal and consistent temperature conditions, allowing wine to age at an optimal rate.

Few wineries today have cave systems; however, temperature control is still an important aspect in winemaking, which is why refrigeration systems within the winery need to provide similar conditions and avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.

Chillers are useful in several aspects of the winemaking process from phenolic oxidation to limit the premature fermentation, passing through the settling of juice solids and the control of fermentation rate to the removal of tartrate crystals to prevent precipitation after bottling and to limit the rate of oxidative browning and volatilization of aroma compounds during wine storage.