Samson Pumps A/S

Pumping solutions for Fish industry pumps - Agriculture - Aquaculture

Pumps with both vacuum and pressure up to 3 bar (43 PSI). Samson Pumps is the leading supplier of liquid ring pumps and system components for: Processing of live fish aboard trawlers and at seawater farms. Processing of fish produced for industry. Processing of fish waste. Processing of fish feed. Trimming of fish.

High-strength rotor
Maritime environments and extreme conditions require special attentionto the materials used within aquaculture. In collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute we have developed a high-strength special alloy that will meet both the special conditions and the needs for applications providing both compression and vacuum.

Optimal materials for seawater
To meet your requirements and to achieve the best possible performance, our products can be manufactured in a range of combinations of materials to best suit your specific application.