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Pumping solutions for vacuum conveying within meat - Manufacturing, Other

When you need to transport meat products and waste over longer distances within cattle, chicken and pig abattoirs, energy consumption is a major consideration. The unique Samson vacuum conveying system with liquid ring pumps is not only extremely efficient it is also both highly energy efficient and gentle to the products.

Tell us what you need - we evaluate each individual application considering product, consistency, transport distance, pipe dimensions as well as vacuum speed, energy requirement and consumption.
A vacuum solution will ensure maximum control of your product which in turn reduces system load to the absolute minimum. Making it the most energi-friendly solution for this type of application.

1. Principle - pneumatisk conveying:

The medium is conveyed by the speed of the air moving around it. In theory, there are no limits to what can be moved using this technology. Air speeds in the pipe can reach up to 70 m/sec.

2. Principle - vacuum conveying:

By partially blocking the pipe the product creates a pressure differential between its surroundings and the vacuum tank. This creates a powerful movement: the force of nature conveys the product.