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Soil moisture monitoring solution for meteorology industry - Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring

Delta-T Devices has over thirty years experience in designing and supplying environmental monitoring equipment – from a single sensor through to a complete advanced automatic weather station. Our range includes: data loggers, sensors, weather stations, mast and mountings, battery and solar power, a variety of communications options, and enclosures. Complex systems can be created with ease. These often include a wide range of inputs, such as soil moisture sensors, solar radiation sensors and meteorological sensors. These environmental monitoring systems can involve hundreds of sensors across multiple sites. If your application requires just a few sensors we can provide a suitable system with or without a mast. Such systems are easily expanded to include additional sensors.

Our Weather Station range includes:

WS-GP1 Weather Station

The WS-GP1 is an affordable research-grade weather station supplied as a portable, ready-to-use package. The high grade sensors make the WS-GP1 a good choice for research, agricultural and environmental applications. The system includes sensors to measure rain, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity and air temperature, all mounted on a 2m tripod mast.

WS-GP2 Weather Station

The advanced WS-GP2 Weather Station is based on the powerful GP2 Data Logger. It is an ideal solution for research and environmental monitoring applications. The GP2 Data Logger has the flexibility to handle almost any environmental sensor, which means the WS-GP2 Weather Station can be as simple or as complex as your application requires. Users can select the optimal combination of sensors, logger, power and communications.

The WS-GP2 (incorporating DeltaLINK Software versions 3.7 and later) enables the full ASCE/FAO-56 Penman Monteith equation for calculating potential evapotranspiration (ET). The functionality can be easily accessed by users as a selectable recording option within DeltaLINK. The calculated ET can be recorded as hourly and daily values.

GPRS Remote Communications

Both The WS-GP1 Weather Station and WS-GP2 Weather Station can be supplied with a GPRS modem for remote communications and are compatible with our DeltaLINK-Cloud online data storage, management and sharing service.