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Sowing directly in Greenplugs is becoming more and more popular. This method makes it easier to grade seedlings according to size at an early stage and to remove any plugs in which the seed hasn’t germinated. This may optimise the propagation process and the use of space. Transplanting or repotting seedlings grown in plugs moreover often takes less time than transplanting seedlings grown in trays, and it involves less risk of losses.

The ideal paperpot for sowing

For fast, uniform germination you need a fine substrate and perfect conditions in terms of moisture, light, temperature and the exchange of air. An unfavourable factor during germination may lead to poorer, non-uniform emergence and weaker seedlings. Only in perfectly composed paper pots can all the aforementioned germination factors be accurately controlled.

The moisture content in particular is crucial. Green Products has programmed its production process so that the plugs are automatically brought to the desired moisture content before delivery. The moisture content in the airy, well-drained Greenplugs can also be easily controlled during germination and the seedlings’ initial growth.

Thanks to their exceptional quality and homogeneity, Greenplugs have acquired a unique position in this market segment. They are so far the only paper pots to consistenty meet the strict requirements for sowing plugs.


Production manager Peet Koornneef, Beekenkamp Plants, Maasdijk:

“Paper pots have made our process more efficient”

Beekenkamp Plants use several types of paper pots to propagate their pot plants. Green Products supplies the small 2-cm plugs for the company’s seed-grown pot gerberas. “We started using them in 2005 at a customer’s request,” says Peet Koornneef, the company’s production manager for ornamental plants. “Since then the soil mixture has been adjusted, but the plugs themselves have remained more or less unchanged. They are now the standard plugs for all our seed-grown gerberas. We have been using them for more than six years, and we are very satisfied with them.”
Better control   
After the trays with the paper pots have been inspected on delivery the pot gerberas’ propagation process starts with mechanical sowing in the plugs. The seedlings are subsequently raised in the greenhouse, sorted and supplied to customers.
“The paper pots have made our process more efficient,” says the production manager. “The plugs are of constant quality and provide a more stable basis than soil blocks. This makes the plants’ rooting and initial development better to control. It also makes it easier to grade the plants. So on balance we obtain better end results with less work.”
Fast and flexible
Plant growers quite often get rush orders. Koornneef: “That calls for fast action and flexibility on the part of our suppliers, too. Green Products is capable of responding swiftly, and that brings peace in hectic times. Our cooperation is not only effective but also very pleasant. I hope it will continue this way for many more years.”