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State of the Art Expertise with MOMAX3 Moringa seeds order for plantation for seed oil - Agriculture

Choosing and acquiring quantified MOMAX3® Moringa seeds for plantation for production of seed oil, is not only opting for high-performance seed from advanced research, but also benefit from on farm agronomic advice and learning from a team of experts

Moringa Farm Stay


The Majestic Moringa is fast making its name globally. It is the Swiss Army knife of nutrition. Moringa Oleifera, the miracle tree domesticated in Indian almost 2,000 years ago, has come a long way today to become a symbol of the fight against growing nutrition deficiency across the globe apart from also becoming a fad among the rich. A naturally occurring bio-fortified crop suited to the climatic conditions of the region, Moringa is unusually rich in its nutrition content literally from top to bottom.

So. if you’re trying to learn A - Z about Moringa , there’s nothing like going to a farm and getting your hands dirty.

Supporting learning

Moringa Farm Stay (Moringa Farm Internship Program (MFIP™) is sort of like a live, interactive slideshow of agriculture making of Moringa from 'Soil to Superfood' that touches all the participant's senses.

The Moringa Farm Internship Program’s Mission & Objectives

The Moringa Farm Internship Program is dedicated to enriching the knowledge and lives of young & people by providing them with a unique, educational experience on a research -oriented organic Moringa Farm in rural Jaipur, India.. Moringa India’s Farm serves as an active model for responsible research and education stewardship through collective effort just to enable them to establish successful Moringa ventures.

Program participants learn about conservation, maintenance and restoration, care, and custody of Moringa Farming by means of hands-on work experience with local Moringa Farm staff, and structured educational endeavors The Moringa Farm Internship Program provides Moringa Farm operation experience as each participants contribute physically.

The mission of the Moringa India Farm is to showcase as to how to operate and maintain an organic Moringa Farm operation through scientific methods and traditional skills .

The  2-5 days working in Moringa Field offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in Moringa  to learn and apply  General Agricultural practices and cropping systems on a farm scale that maintain or increase crop production while conserving natural resources.

Participants will be able to interact with Moringa specialists and educators, on all issues that may affect their operations.  Experts  will let you know management strategies and equipment operation up close on hand to answer your specific questions.

Moringa Field days have been a core part of Practical Experience when participants work together to share details of on-farm research and demonstration and learn in a spirit of openness and curiosity to learn about topics that span the Moringa agricultural spectrum. This shall enable them to create a  strong, sustainable Moringa agricultural system in their farms/countries.

The Moringa Farm Internship  will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about sustainable tools, techniques, and approaches that can be integrated in Moringa Production  and value added production systems highlighting pest and disease management, cover cropping, leaf/seed production, tools and equipment for commercial production

eligibility for free complimentary on farm training programme

Having regards to passion of our prospective customers to grow, create and establish Successful Moringa Leaf/seed oil venture for profitable prosperity and just to facilitate them to start with correct know-how and knowledge about farm practices we offer them on farm free training if they order/purchase the  certain required quantity of MOMAX3 or PKM1 seeds as per below details.

To obtain the details contact us with your contact details

On confirmation of required quantity of Seeds order , Dates/schedule of Programme shall be drawn in consultation of buyer and invitation letter for VISA purpose shall be sent to the participants

The importance of first-hand experience

MFIP provides significance of practical experience, rather than relying solely on rhetoric, when it comes to Moringa  and agricultural education. We call it  REAL education'. In essence, knowing the basic from soil is of paramount importance, to be part of the MFIP we must combine all ground experiences  related to growing, and processing Moringa .

Overall, and perhaps most importantly, the sheer power of Moringa as a tool for positive change. Just a 2-5 days Stay and work with Moringa can build knowledge base from A-Z of Moringa Farming and Processing , encouraged experience, sustainable and meaningful application . This  contribute to an optimistic future and success for your Moringa endeavors