Super Absorbent Water Management Agrotextiles

Our Agrotas range of Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF) and converted products allow you to achieve optimum nurturing and growth conditions whilst effectively reducing overall water usage. Our unique fibrous technology creates new possibilities for the development of nonwoven fabrics that can be used as both temporary and long-term solutions, from hanging basket liners to commercial scale projects, even in areas of low water availability. Such fabrics are designed to achieve highly controlled delivery of water and nutrients to root systems, whilst significantly reducing evaporative loss and water seepage. SAF can also be dosed directly to the soil. Advantages: •Ease of handling and installation •Wide range of formats •Suitable for short-and long-term use •Reduced re-watering periods •Enhanced establishment times •Accurate, consistent nutrient distribution

Liner fabrics:

These tailored nonwoven fabrics can be cut to shape and used to line the base of potted plants and hanging baskets, and can even be used in vertical gardens. They work by absorbing the necessary quantity of water which then provides an optimum moisture environment for growth. Using this technology can decrease water usage by up to 50% and significantly reduces the need for re-watering. Fertilizer can also be added to the water to aid the control of dosage levels.

Surface fabrics:

Such fabrics are designed to be positioned around the plant on top of the soil. They offer additional benefits in reducing weed growth and improving the overall thermal regulation of the soil environment.


Ground fabrics:

Durable fabrics to be buried below ground level. Studies have shown up to 30% annual reductions in water usage for large grassed areas. Such fabrics have been designed for ease of installation – typically 15-20 cm below the surface – and do not biodegrade/lose performance over the long-term. Modifications to the fabrics can be made, e.g. incorporating seeds/other growth factors, so that the ideal growing environment is available within a single format to which just water is added.