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Superabsorbents solutions for horticulture industry - Agriculture - Horticulture

Water management within horticulture and agriculture is an important issue in an increasingly water scarce world. SAF™ superabsorbent technology can be used in various applications to aid the management of this precious resource, even in areas of low availability.

SAF™ superabsorbent fibres can be integrated into a wide range of nonwoven fabrics and woven constructs that can be used as both temporary and long-term water management solutions in many different horticultural and landscaping applications. Such fabrics are designed to achieve storage and delivery of water and nutrients to root systems, while significantly reducing evaporative loss and water seepage. They can be used in a wide range of applications from hanging basket liners (Basket Boosters™) and flower transportation, to large commercial growing scale and landcsaping projects.

SAF™ fibres can also be added directly to the soil media to enhance water containment. 

Selection of horticultural applications:
  • Liner fabrics for baskets and planters
  • Surface fabrics for moisture management, suppression of weed growth and for thermal regulation
  • Ground fabrics (typically for use 15-20cms below the surface)
  • Fabrics for flower and plant transportation
  • Root ball fabrics to aid transportation of large plants and re-planting
  • Vertical and roof top garden water management fabrics