Sustainable solutions for food & agriculture industry - Food and Beverage

Agriculture is vital to human welfare providing a range of products including food, textiles, fibres and fuels. Along with the many benefits derived from agriculture there are of course also significant associated environmental impacts. As a result there is increasing pressure from stakeholders in all parts of the supply chain to better understand the environmental impacts of agriculture and an increasing demand for more sustainable food production systems.

Life Cycle Assessments - understand the impact of your products

Reflecting this demand, the focus has been changed in the last years, shifting from the debate on bio-fuels to an increasing requirement to better understand the sustainability, especially the carbon footprint, of food supply chains. Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint approaches can help food companies to understand the impacts of their products.

As agrarian systems are among the most complex production systems, new tools such as PE INTERNATIONAL’s Agrarian model using GaBi Software are necessary to provide this information.