Timber harvesting - Forestry & Wood

Material: stock of spruce, fir. Working steps: cutting down, debranching, shaping and storing. Machinery: harvester HVT 132. Neuson Ecotec offers harvesters for every application from first thinning to clear-cutting. The Neuson Ecotec Harvesters are provided with crawler tracks. The larger contact surface of the tracks reduces ground pressure and increases the stability of the machine. The grouser track shoes may be made of metal, hard rubber or plastic. Because of the compact design tracked harvesters are very agile which is especially favourable when they are used for thinning.

The driver sitting in the economically designed safety cabin enjoys an excellent view of the working range. Effortless working is ensured with the harvester head in sight.

Due to the levelling system - 25 degrees to the front and +/- 15 degrees to the side - the machine constantly works in a comfortable horizontal position even in steep terrain. By levelling the entire superstructure the full lifting and slewing force can be utilized optimally.

The infinitely rotating superstructure is equipped with a strong parallel crane permitting efficient working to all sides. The harvester head is supplied by powerful hydraulic pumps and works perfectly even if several machine motions are performed simultaneously.