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Ultraviolet disinfection systems for the horticulture industry - Agriculture - Horticulture

With a number of units specially designed and developed for hydroponics and agriculture, atg UV’s treatment systems eliminate all types of water borne micro-organisms. atg UV Technology’s leading Ultraviolet treatment systems are used in a number of key areas to vastly reduce the risk of product rejection, crop failure and the spread of disease. With a number of “emerging” pathogens now displaying increased resistance to traditional methods of disinfection, Ultraviolet treatment is now the preferred and accepted method of disinfection over traditional chemical methods.

The only appropriate method of disinfection is by UV treatment. UV will not affect the ph or chemistry of water fed to the Rhizosphere, and unlike Hydrogen Peroxide it will not affect organic additives or be carried over and effect germination or seedling development.

Chemical Free
Several of the species that inhabit the Rhizosphere now demonstrate multiple resistivity against antibiotics. These include Enterobacter, Pseudomonas, Ralstonia and Staphylococcus. None of these species can, or are able, to develop resistance to UV light.

Process Water
Equipment, such as sprayers and heat exchangers, which rely on recirculating water, will benefit from water supplies purified by Ultraviolet light as the technology will effectively prevent slime formers infesting pipes and blocking nozzles.

Water Reuse
As water supplies become more stressed and the rate of water consumption exceeds availability, hydroponic growers will turn to re-use and reclaimed wastewater. Often this water will need to have chlorine or chloramines removed before it is suitable for hydroponic use.

Our leading UV technology is used to photolyse a variety of pesticide species from water, it can also remove Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCP) from municipal mains water as well as from reclaimed water.

Storage Tanks
During emptying and venting of sterile holding tanks, airborne bacteria can enter the vessel. atg UV Technology’s leading Ultraviolet systems are designed to fit easily into the head space and are ideal in reducing this potential means of infection.

Quality Assurance
atg UV Technology’s attitude to design and manufacture is driven by a ‘quality first’ approach. As an ISO 9001 company you can be assured that all atg UV Technology products are consistently built to the highest standards.