VOC abatement equipments for greenhouse - Agriculture

Munters develops and manufactures energy efficient climate control systems for greenhouse applications.

By providing the perfect climate, our solutions enable growers to operate and produce under optimum conditions. The innovative product range includes ventilation, evaporative cooling, and heating.

We are aware of the challenges faced in the greenhouse industry and how climate affects plant growth. For instance in extreme conditions the excessive relative humidity can give rise to water droplets forming on the leaves which can harbor and spread disease or fungi, while the excessive heat will shrivel fruits and stop growth. Some other times the conditions outside a greenhouse impact the natural ventilation process negatively. The key to sustained quality, quantity and profitability lies in awareness of these conditions and their impact, and maintaining control of them.

These and some other challenges faced in a greenhouse can be solved by installing the right combination of climate control equipment to the greenhouse to assure perfect conditions for plant growth.

Worldwide recognition of our well reputed product brands Euroemme®, CELdek®, Munters Drive, Munters Protect and Aerotech® put Munters in the driver’s seat of greenhouse climate control.