Waste Treatment for Agro-Industry - Agriculture

New legislations and market laws demand that food-processing industries review their production techniques and face up to the following obligations: To reduce the impact on the environment. To obtain a « green » image, even to produce « bio » products. To reduce the NPK bills. To increase output and production.

MENART works with the following:

  • oil producers (palm, olive, essential, cane sugar)
  • slaughterhouses and canneries
  • fruit and vegetable producers (pineapple, banana,…)
  • paper mills, confectioners

In order to remedy simultaneously these different concerns, MENART offers equipment for solid and liquid organic waste composting. This in turn leads to:

  • Waste treatment and elimination through a natural process in conjunction with legislation
  • Production of high quality, inexpensive organic agents

According to needs, supply ranges from a compost turner all the way up to a complete installation with a compost valorisation unit.