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Wastewater treatment for wineries - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

For this propose, AZUD has developed innovative wastewater treatment plants AZUD WW MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor).
This technology is based on the growth of biomass in a plastic supports (carriers) suspended in the bioreactor mixed liquor. These carriers allow more concentration of microorganisms per unit volume than a conventional system, reaching high quality effluent in a minimum area of implementation. In addition, our exclusive AZUD RC system allows remote management of automation and electromechanical equipment, to ensure a proper operation of all our plants at all times.


  • Excellent wastewater treatment efficiency in a small volume, suitable for organic matter biodegradation and nutrient removal.
  • High flexibility; it might be possible to increase the wastewater treatment capacity, increasing the percentage of carriers in the reactor.
  • Simple and robust process, easy operation and control.
  • It does not need the biomass recirculation to the reactor.
  • No bulking problem.
  • Higher resistance to peak loads.

During the winemaking process, it is generated a big volume of wastewater that must be adequately treated to meet the discharge requirements of public sewers of channel, or reuse as irrigation water mainly.

Wineries wastewater has certain characteristics that hinder its treatment:

  • Large variations in flow and pollutant load during harvesting.
  • High content of suspended solids and organic matter.
  • Acidic, with the presence of polyphenols.