Water Data Management Solution for Irrigation Sector - Water and Wastewater - Irrigation

Monitor and report the flow in your irrigation system. As a manager of an irrigation district, farmer, or city operations manager, a KISTERS solution provides an effective tool for easily managing, analyzing and reporting on irrigation activities. Even use it to calculate pump efficiencies, leak detection, water balances and monitor water supply contracts!

  • Fully automated data collection system with the ability to capture data from the web for other catchments in the area
  • Quality code the water data based on its source (eg. groundwater, or river water source) as some are more expensive
  • Track all the pumps in a network (RPMs, pump status, efficiencies, kW, kWh, battery voltages)
  • Determine infiltration losses and recharge gains from groundwater, as well as other losses due to evaporation or channel efficiency
  • Collect and manage water quality information to ensure healthy a ecosystem balance
  • Maintain a continuouis water balance (provides first indication of problems)

  • Irrigation districts can easily determine water balances, where the water is going, who is using it, and how much should they charge their clients
  • Easily manage a collective pool of water resources
  • Gives organizations the ability to work 'man down' in tight economies