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Water filtration systems for sub-surface drip irrigation - 2 - Agriculture - Irrigation

Subsurface drip Irrigation Systems (SDI) are a suitable agronomic option for all type of crops:  woody crops (almond tree, vineyard, olive tree, pistachio tree, peach tree, etc.) and extensive crops (corn, vetch, barley, alfalfa, etc.). The SDI is an irrigation technique that allows the supply of water and nutrients in a localized way under the surface. This fact conditions and optimizes the growing of roots and the development of the plant. This practice makes possible a more efficient use of the water, energy and fertilizers, becoming the alternative with best results from an economic, agronomic and ecologic point of view.

1. Irrigation directly applied on the root system:

  • Better efficiency in the application of irrigation water.
  • Save and improvement of fertilization.
  • Reduction in energy.
  • Allowance of waste water.
  • Stress reduction in crop.

2. Reduced / Non-existent wet area in surface:

  • Less presence and development of weeds.
  • Decrease the risk of plagues and illness.
  • Positive evolution of the physical properties of the soil.

3. Lack of irrigation system components in the surface:

  • Accuracy in the location of the emitting points.
  • Reduction of the damages made by animals and lack of vandalism.
  • Perfectly integrated in the landscape.
  • Void solar exposure.
  • Reduce and ease the maintenance labours.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Reduce and ease the cultivation labours.
  • Perfectly integrated in the landscape.

Subsurface drip irrigation systems require accurate design, installation, operation and maintenance criteria to take advantage of these type of systems. AZUD has a wide experience is this technique.